[R]Evolution serie

Our [R]Evolution Series is our most innovative series (ARC System), available in various models. A true evolution in smart comfort functions. All systems within these series have a topswing (manual), which will provide the neck and head with optimal support.

The Basic system, a system without foot valve, has a manually controlled recliner mechanism with a pneumatic spring.

The TR-system is enhanced with a patented and manually controlled recliner system with foot valve. The integrated tilt function is activated when the foot valve mechanism is operated.

The revolutionary ARC system is the most innovative system, which uses 2 engines and a battery to ensure the ideal recliner position (Heart-Balance function). In this position, all of your muscles can relax optimally and your legs are a little higher than your heart, which results in perfect circulation. This system also has a return button, which puts the back of the chair and the foot valve back into the starting position in one smooth move.


Single | Twinz serie

A new generation of Single | Twinz recliners where technology and design are combined with luxury and comfort. The chairs have a sitting area and footrest with a Heart-Balance function. With this function you will be in an ideal position, so that there is less strain on your heart and you will experience a feeling of calm. Furthermore, every recliner has a topswing.

The Single models, without foot valve, have a manual recliner mechanism with a pneumatic spring. The Twinz models, always equipped with a foot valve, have a recliner mechanism with 3 motors (with battery) and control buttons. The mechanism can be operated with touch keys. Furthermore, just like the [R] evolution series, the chair is equipped with a unique return button, which stops all functions at the same time (the back of the seat, foot valve and Heart-Balance in 1).

An optional 2-engine Stand-up System is available with the Twinz models. Battery provided as standard.

The chairs are available in 3 different seat heights (S, M and L), various bases and a wide range of upholstery to choose from.

Subliem serie

The Subliem recliners have a manually controlled recliner mechanism with pneumatic spring. This is operated with a pushbutton on the side of the chair. All models are equipped with our unique topswing system, which provides an ideal position for the neck.

The models with foot valves are operated manually with a lever on the side of the chair. The models without foot valve can be combined with a suitable footstool instead of a foot valve.

The chairs are available in 3 different seat heights (S, M and L) , various bases and a wide range of upholstery to choose from.

Volo serie

Because of the creative talent of designer and owner Rien Vermeulen, our Volo Series is very unique. With superb seating comfort, sleek design and a unique patented footrest system, as well as adjustable back and topswing, this Volo series provides an unparalleled sitting experience.

A number of models of the Volo series have been designed by Rien in collaboration with designer Mathias Fischer, who is known for his sleek lines and shapes, and the many patents under his name.

Timeless | Modern serie

The timeless modern series consists of our timeless bestsellers; the excellent stand-up models, the Bloom series and the Best Choice stand-up models. Our bestsellers that are essential to our range.